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StudioA offers a wide range of classes which are all rooted in both flexibility and body control. From tumbling class to turns technique - ALL classes involve a stretching routine which will provide students the ability to become significantly more flexible with time and commitment.

TECHNIQUE is the universal language which unites us all! We offer classes to dancers, gymnasts, cheerleaders and competitive athletes alike via a variety of experienced coaches/instructors. If you are interested in being the best you can be, StudioA has a class for you! NEW STUDENTS will be evaluated before being permanently placed into a level or class.

  1. Basic Flexibility

  2. Hyper Flexibility

  3. Body Shaping for Athletes

  4. Turns

  5. Extensions

  6. Dance Acro

  7. Tumbling

  8. Body positions + Balance

  9. Introductory Dance Classes

  10. Mommy & Me / Toddler time


The first class is free of charge. If your family would like to continue classes after the free trial, pricing information can be found below.


If you have any further questions please feel free to contact the studio via the website, Instagram or contact info at the bottom of this page. We are so excited to meet you all and get these little dancers moving! Thanks for your interest in StudioA!

P R I C I N G //

Classes range from $40 - $80 for the month. Due to limited schedule availability we do not offer make-up classes. If you know your family will be out of town/miss class, please let the staff know ahead of time so we can charge you for that month appropriately. Although our goal is to charge you only for the classes you attend, we will not offer refunds for calling out sick or last minute cancellations. We will always work with family planned travel and trips to make sure you are not over charged.

D R O P  -I N   C L A S S  vs  M O N T H L Y   R A T E S //

Drop-in classes simply mean you pay for the class each time you come to it. Monthly payments take care of your class fees ahead of time and secure your child a permanent spot in the class. We recommend that you pay the monthly class fee in order to guarantee your child’s spot in the class. Drop-in fees are generally beneficial for families who travel often/are not ready to commit to 4 classes a month. When classes become full of monthly members we will no longer allow Drop-ins for that class time.


We are so excited to get Baby Ballet+Tap started at StudioA!

G E N E R A L  I N F O //

Baby ballet/tap classes will be held weekly unless you are notified of a cancellation. The structure is a 45-minute beginners dance class where the students will be introduced to both ballet and tap. These are not only the most adorable classes ever, but are also two huge fundamentals of dance. We aim to give your little(s) a positive introduction to the world of dance, friends and socialization!


A T T I R E //

We ask that students wear a leotard and tights to all classes. Due to student ages/sizing difficulties all colors will be allowed for both leotards and tights - although traditional colors are preferred (black, pink, nude). Ballet skirts, sweaters and tops are also permitted to accommodate your preferences and the temperature. (For those new to the game; ballet skirts, sweaters and tops can be found at any dancewear store/amazon/dance section of basic department stores). Traditional dancewear is tight fitting and close to the body. No big jackets/hoodies please!


S H O E S //

Please bring both ballet slippers and tap shoes to every class as we will be working on both styles!

     1. Ballet- Pink or nude

     2. Tap- Black

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